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  • Democratic Media – Think again!

    Noam Chomsky undertakes a grim tone when he states – “Citizens of the democratic societies should undertake a course of intellectual self-defense to protect themselves from manipulation and control, and to lay the basis for meaningful democracy” This quote comes from his book, Necessary Illusions, where he talks about thought control of a degree not […]

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  • Innocence past

    He was unsure of her. From the very first day. He thought, no, he KNEW she was playing with him. A sinister game, more for her amusement than for the times gone by. But she was wildly intoxicating. The more he drank her in, the more he needed her. And today, he had drunk from […]

  • Personal
  • A Volatile Veil of Words

    I start with a frame of mind not quite conducive to writing. Especially cause I intend to writing something impersonal, more detached than is usual for me; so that others may read it and yet not be able to read into me. Having no sense of direction on what I wish to write about, I’m […]

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  • Feast.

    Her eyes lazily glide down her form. She’s looking at her with a satisfied gaze of a proprietor knowing his prized catch is not going anywhere. What comes after the thrill of the chase, for some lucky ones, is the contentment of ownership, the luxury of knowing that the game has been won – the […]